Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church
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Herkimer, New York 13350
Recipes Bless the Heart and Home

The Cook Book - Recipes Bless the Heart and Home

• Over 2000 recipes and 700 pages divided into 25 convenient sections

• Affordable Ingredients -- easy to find and usually on hand

• Recipes for every meal and every day of the week

• 76 pages of vegetable recipes and an index to vegan recipes

• Well-tested, effortless recipes with something to please every palate

• Helpful hints for the novice - a joy of discovery for the experienced cook

•  Fun kiddie recipes to prepare for and with children


The men and women of the Saints Peter and Paul Community in East Herkimer New York have brought together recipes that preserve the customs and traditions taught by their grandparents as they established homes in America. They have woven into this book messages and favored quotes to share their appreciation of the connection between an agrarian culture, shared meals, and spiritual life. It serves to teach and to preserve customs that enhance the yearly cycle of festivities, and provides a legacy not only to their children and grandchildren but also to all who open its pages and share the love with which they labored to bring this classic cookbook to fruition.

Praise for the First Edition

Congratulations on putting together such a well-written and helpful cookbook.
Susan Costello, New York

It is not just a terrific cookbook with fabulous recipes; it is a work of art.
Karen Mizerak Mohun, California

I am reading it in the way you read a book and enjoying every minute of it.
Anna Verbeek,  New York

 I have quite a collection of cookbooks from everywhere, but yours surpasses them all!
RoseMarie Tetcenko, Pennsylvania

The recipes brought back memories of my mother’s cooking.
Virginia Bock, Missouri

   The parishioners and friends of Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church took two painstaking years to assemble all of the recipes for this fine collection.  In the end, they compiled a world renowned cookbook of over 700 pages with more than 7500 recipes.  Yes, that is correct.  700 pages of cooking delight.  It features all of the classic ethnic favorites, as well as recipes for every occasion and cooking skill level.  There are also special articles of ethnic and religious interest in the book. Our own member, Anne Anthony, accomplished all of the artwork.  It has been so successful, that the first 1000 copies were sold in one week. They have been distributed throughout the 50 states and more than 15 countries!
   Selling for a very reasonable $20, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen or gift for a loved one.  If you are interested in purchasing click on the link below for an order form and our address or call the Church directly at 315-866-3272.

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Sample Recipes
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